About The San Antonio Surgery Center of Excellence

Unparalleled Transparency in Surgery

The San Antonio Surgery Center of Excellence was born from a simple, honest desire: to put patients’ best interests first – without corporate or financial obstacles.

Today’s large healthcare systems are often beholden to interests other than patients’ health, and we saw it first-hand.

Transparent Surgical Pricing at San Antonio Surgery Center of Excellence

Corporate interests tended to privilege what is cost-effective over what is health-effective.

Doctors were forced to do the cheap thing instead of the right thing.

Surgeons were encouraged to give up and move on to the next patient.

We knew there had to be a better way.

Most doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers entered medicine out of an authentic desire to care for people – not to increase profit margins.

We gathered the best and most compassionate of these professionals, eliminated corporate and financial obstacles, and created the San Antonio Surgery Center of Excellence as south-central Texas’ first ambulatory surgery center dedicated to putting the patient first.

Authentic, compassionate patient care demands caring for all aspects of patient outcomes, and we refuse to pretend that finances don’t factor into that.

Putting you first means:

We believe this patient-centered approach has been a long time coming in healthcare. We also believe you’ll love the difference it makes.

Simplifying Surgery

Having surgery already puts enough strain on you and your family. That’s why SASCOE operates as a one-stop shop for the procedures we provide:

San Antonio Surgery Center Simplies Surgical Procedures
  • Single price & point of contact for surgery center, surgeon & anesthesiology
  • Imaging
  • Labs
  • Pre-surgical cardiac clearance

San Antonio Surgery Center of Excellence Leadership

Rodney Franklin, MD, MBA
Rodney Franklin, MD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Marcus Gitterle, MD, FACCWS
Marcus Gitterle, MD, FACCWS
Chief Medical Officer
Stuart Oertli, MS, OTR
Stuart Oertli, MS, OTR
Chief Operating Officer
Jason Yoho, MD
Jason Yoho, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Mari Fraire, DNP, RN
Mari Fraire, DNP, RN
San Antonio Surgery Center Offers Multiple Surgery Specialties Under One Roof

Our Areas of Expertise

San Antonio Surgery Center of Excellence employs the area’s top specialists and surgeons to perform a large variety of procedures and surgeries on-site:

  • General Surgery
  • Cardiac Cath Lab
  • Cardiovascular & Revascularization
  • Orthopedics
  • Spine
  • Pain Management

Find Answers to Your Questions

We understand this simple, transparent approach to surgery is new to many. You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions here.


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Become a SASCOE Surgeon

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Here, you can truly put your patients first.

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