Marcus Gitterle | San Antonio Surgery Center of Excellence

Marcus Gitterle, MD, FACCWS

Marcus Gitterle, M.D., a graduate of the University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio, is co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of WoundCentrics. He has been leading hospital specialty departments for three decades, serving as Medical Director, department and committee Chair, and Chief of Staff roles.

As an active wound care clinician, he serves as Regional Medical Director for one of the largest regional wound care and hyperbaric specialty practices in the US. In addition, he has been on the forefront in acute and post-acute wound care, overseeing care in outpatient and inpatient settings,including STAC, LTAC, IRF, SNF, and LTC (Long Term Care) facilities.

Dr. Gitterle leads the Clinical Research Division of WoundCentrics as a Principal investigator and as a consultant to wound care companies. He has been a Principal Investigator for the US Army Institute for Surgical Research and published in Biofilm, Wound Healing, and non-invasive vascular imaging. He has provided consultative services for many organizations, including 3M, KCI,EpiPen Medical, and CMS.

He serves as a faculty member of Wound Care University and has trained physicians on six continents in HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) and numerous physicians and mid-level providers in the practice of evidence-based wound care.

As CMO of WoundCentrics, Dr. Gitterle focuses on effective and efficient clinical management to assure high-availability, high-reliability wound care and amputation prevention across the continuum and advancement of the state of the art.