Shawn Strash | San Antonio Surgery Center of Excellence


Shawn has 30+ years leading ASCs/hospitals, ASC/hospital start-ups, turn-arounds, hospital and ASC mergers/acquisitions. Served as a top-level executive in publicly-traded companies and owner of numerous private healthcare organizations. Shawn has been CEO of 18 hospitals, has held operational responsibility for more than 75 ASCs and opened/acquired over three dozen ASCs.

As CEO of Landmark Hospitals, Shawn was hired to turn Landmark around and to add service lines. During his tenure, four revenue streams were added to the Landmark Hospital portfolio: surgery, destination medicine, inpatient rehabilitation and Wound Care. He grew the company from 7 to 9 hospitals.

Prior to Landmark, Shawn was an owner and CEO of Arise Healthcare System in Austin Texas comprised of a physician syndicated hospital, three ASC‘s, seven HOPDs with 105 physician partners invested in eleven different entities performing 20,000+ surgeries annually

Shawn was also SVP of Corporate Services & Chief Compliance Officer for AMSURG, now Envision. He spent 10+ years with HCA as VP of mergers and acquisitions and had operational responsibility for a dozen+ surgery centers and two hospitals.

He is CEO of the San Antonio Surgery Center of Excellence. In addition, he is Vice-President of Growth and Strategy for Woundcentrics.

Shawn is originally from Canada. He served in the Canadian Coast Guard as Coxswain (Captain) of numerous rescue units. With dual Masters degrees, he is also a Health Rosetta Certified Advisor. Married to Norma-Jean for 30+ years, together they have raised three children and have two grandchildren, a couple of horses and too many dogs.